How To Protect Your Cat After Being Spayed

20 November 2015
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You've made the responsible decision to have your cat spayed—having her reproductive organs removed. This is a major surgery and the cat will need to be careful until she has healed enough to resume normal activities. In some cases, your vet will want your cat to stay at the clinic until it can recover. In other cases, the clinic may allow you to take your pet home after a short period, but you will need to take certain measures to protect your feline to make sure she doesn't hurt herself.

Isolate Her

After being spayed, your cat should be kept isolated for five days. Place her in a room that does not have hiding places so you do not have to search for her. She might be tempted to hide.

Reduce the amount of food and water that your cat consumes. The first day after the surgery, she should only lick or chew on ice cubes for the first three hours. Then, when you introduce more food into your cat's diet, you should do so gradually.

It is normal for your cat to feel groggy after the surgery. It will often take as long as a day for her to fully recover. Make sure to check your cat periodically to make sure that she does not appear to be in pain or distressed.

Make Your Cat Comfortable

If your cat has a regular bed, you should use it since she will feel more comfortable in familiar surroundings. If not, provide a soft pillow and a blanket.

Lower The Lights

Make sure the lights are low. This will encourage your cat to sleep and will also make her less active. If there is no way to keep the lighting low, you can place a domed bed over her to keep the light out.

Inspect The Site Of The Injury

Check the incision site at least twice a day to make sure it is healing. If you notice the incision isn't healing or if you notice draining or swelling, contact the neuter and spay clinic for instructions. Also, regularly clean the incision area with a cotton ball and warm water.

Use A Collar

Your cat may want to lick or scratch at the area where she had the surgery. This can actually increase the chances of her hurting herself. You may need to place a collar on your cat to prevent this.

While this process may seem difficult, she will recover and be back to her normal self. For more information, contact your vet (like those at Chicago Cat Clinic).