The Trinity Of Tummy Troubles: Triaditis In Cats

24 December 2015
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Triaditis, which literally means three inflammations, is a condition that affects only cats. Understanding why this condition is exclusive to cats and how it affects their health can help you to recognize when your cat needs hospital care. One Duct Spells Trouble for Three Organs Cats have a unique anatomical design that differs from their canine and human companions. To visualize a clear image of a Y-shaped duct, imagine the lower portion of the letter " Read More 

Choosing A Healthy Diet For Your African Grey Parrot

17 December 2015
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In the wild, African Grey parrots are accustomed to a diet consisting of a variety of proteins and carbohydrates. These birds maintain a balanced diet to retain a lean body and pristine feathers. You must make sure your parrot is getting the right mix of items in its diet or you'll end up with a heavy bird with ragged feathers. Here is how to match your bird's diet with that of its relatives in the wild. Read More 

Your Cat And Hairballs

30 November 2015
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Hairballs are a fact of life for most cat owners. Most felines are fastidious about their grooming habits, and the natural result of the daily tongue bath is a hairball. While generally these aren't a concern, there are some cases where you should seek medical attention for your cat. The following guide to hairballs can help you better understand the issue. Recognition Tips Hairballs aren't usually ball-like in shape, so they are sometimes misidentified by cat owners. Read More 

How Early Is Too Early For Spay/Neuter Surgery?

28 November 2015
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While experts disagree slightly on the number of homeless companion animals that are euthanized in the United States each year for a lack of loving homes, the numbers are in the range of several million dogs and cats. Obviously, one of the best ways to control pet over-population is to spay female cats and dogs, and neuter male cats and dogs. For many years, pet owners and veterinarians have been taught that dogs and cats must be at least six months of age before they may be spayed or neutered. Read More 

2 Mistakes That Could Be Harming Your Dog

23 November 2015
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If you are a dog owner, chances are you do your best to care for your pet and wouldn't do anything to harm your pet intentionally. Unfortunately, even the most experienced dog owners often hurt their canine companions without even realizing it. Here is a look at 2 mistakes that could be harming your dog, and how to fix them. Giving your dog human food Giving your dog a few scraps from the table may seem harmless, but it could actually have damaging effects down the line. Read More