Four Clues That Your Cat Might Have A Toothache

3 November 2015
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Sometimes it can be hard to catch ailments that your cats might be dealing with. A couple of ailments your cat might try to hide from you are ongoing tooth and gum pain. Sometimes issues with your cat's teeth and gums won't be visible and you'll have to go off of behavioral clues. Here are four telltale signs your cat might be having a tooth or gum issue.

1. Face Sensitivity

If your cat accepts pets and brushing but seems to ask you to avoid their face, there might be an issue with their teeth or gums. If your cat has pain or heightened sensitivity around their mouth, they might even act out or become aggressive when you try to pet them on their chin. Just remember, your trusty feline is just reacting to protect a painful area and might need a visit to the pet hospital.

2. Bad Breath

If you've never noticed your cat's breath before and all of a sudden they seem to have bad breath, they might have a tooth or cavity situation. If you haven't switched their food or medications, there is most likely something going on with your cat's teeth. Even if you can't see an issue, getting your cat to the vet to take a look is a good idea.

3. Decreased Grooming

If your cat has always been good at self care and grooming, a sign that something is off is if this behavior is decreased or avoided. Chances are, they have a tooth or gum tissue and grooming is too painful or sensitive to deal with. If your cat doesn't seem to be into self care, a trip to the vet is important so that your cat can get back to normal habits.

4. Avoiding Hard Food

If your cat has never had trouble with kibble but all of a sudden is leaning towards wet food, this could be a sign they have oral pain. Sudden weight loss might also be a sign, as they may not be eating to avoid discomfort. If you go the vet, it may be a good idea to bring along your food so the vet can determine if there is the tooth problem or something else.

It is a good idea to get your pet's teeth checked out right away if you think they might have an issue going on. This might be as simple as a cleaning, or your cat might need to have teeth extracted. Your cat will feel much better and can resume their cat activities once they are better. Consider regular checkups in the future to catch small tooth and gum problems early on. Contact a local vet or pet hospital, such as Honolulu Pet Clinic LLC The, if you suspect your feline friend has any dental problems or discomforts.