What Are The Steps For A Pet Teeth Cleaning At The Vet?

8 October 2015
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There are many similarities between a human and pet dental cleaning, but you may want to know the details so that you can be prepared to comfort your pet. Here's what you can expect from a pet teeth cleaning at the vet's office. 

General Examination

The first thing your vet will do is examine the pet's mouth and face to look for signs of infection. Subtle swelling or pain can be found by doing a thorough facial exam and looking for signs of discomfort. The vet will also evaluate the health of each tooth to see how deeply the teeth need to be cleaned. Some dentists opt for taking radiographs, which are X-rays that help the doctor see the parts of the teeth under the surface of the gums. 

Cleaning Above the Gums

The first step of the cleaning is to clean the surfaces of the teeth above the gums using an ultrasonic scaler. This tool is designed to move plaque from the teeth's surface. During this procedure, your vet will be sure that your pet is safe from swallowing too much saliva or debris; the pet will often be faced in a nose-down position during this part of the cleaning. 

Cleaning Below the Gums

Your pet may also need to have the teeth cleaned under the gums. Mild anesthesia is often used to relieve your pet's discomfort and promote cooperation during this process. Your vet will use a tool with a tip that can be inserted between the gums to reach plaque. 

Apply Additional Materials

Depending on the type of pet and the condition of the teeth, your vet may offer to apply additional procedures to the teeth. A gentle polishing or fluoride are examples that are appropriate for some pets. 

Create a Care Plan

Based on the quality of your pet's teeth, your doctor can then recommend a care plan for taking great care of your pet's teeth. This may include things like new brushing strategies, treats that help clean your pet's teeth, and ways to make teeth brushing more comfortable for you and your pet. Your vet may also consider if your pet's diet needs to be adjusted. 

A pet teeth cleaning is a critical part of keeping your pet healthy. Your pet can't tell you when they have a toothache or other dental problem, so it's best to leave cleanings up to your vet to make sure that you're not missing any serious issues. For more info, go to websites like http://montclairvethospital.com.